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Key Person Insurance Aids

Using Key Person Insurance to Target Business Owners

It is critical for business owners to protect key employees that are essential to running their business. They are the face of the organization. They influence the bottom line and bring the skills and knowledge needed to make things tick. The loss of a key employee can be detrimental to daily operations for any business, especially without a plan in place.

To help you target business owners using Key Person Insurance, the Mutual of Omaha Advanced Markets team has created materials for you to use to start the conversation.

Consumer Facing Key Person Flyer (605365)

Consumer Facing Key Person Brochure (604633)

Consumer Facing Key Person Presentation (605366)

Key Person Insurance Webinar

Every organization has employees they just can’t do without. Hear from the Mutual of Omaha Advanced Markets team to learn why it’s important for your business owner clients to understand why protecting those individuals with key person insurance is a valuable strategy.

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Advanced Markets Minute

Every business has employees they just can’t do without. This edition of the Advanced Markets Minutes describes keys to selling key person insurance to business owners.

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Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom: Nuclear Crocs of the Everglades

Since the late 1960s, the Croc Team at Turkey Point Clean Energy facility has provided a haven for the American Crocodile. As one of the few reptiles in the world to require both fresh and saltwater to survive, the cooling canals that span hundreds of miles on the South Florida coast are a perfect refuge for these once endangered animals to thrive. Host Peter Gros joins the team for an exploration into their work protecting and restoring the population.

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