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Liberty Life SPWL

Liberty Life Estate Maximizer New Generation

Liberty Series Estate Maximizer Next Generation is a single payment interest-sensitive whole life insurance policy. That means you pay only one premium. Your single premium immediately purchases a death benefit that is larger than your original payment, enabling you to pass on more to the people you care about income tax-free.

Safety and security

  • 100% return of principal guarantee
  • Cash value grows income tax-deferred

Benefits and value for your loved ones

  • Single premium immediately increases death benefit for your beneficiaries
  • Death benefit bypasses the hassle of probate
  • Death benefit passes income tax free to named beneficiaries, under current tax law

Access and control

  • After the first contract year, withdrawal of 10% of the account value can be made without withdrawal charges
  • Low cost policy loans
  • Waiver of withdrawal charges for a qualifying medical stay
  • Liberty\’s Living Benefit, an accelerated death benefit for LTC
  • Annuitization at rates guaranteed in contract