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Order Paramed Exams

Order Your Own Medical Exams

Get the ball rolling and order your client\’s exam prior to submitting the application to CPS. Links to Paramed Providers:

Superior Mobile Medics





As a reminder, if you order an exam and an application for the client is never submitted, you will be responsible for the cost of the exam and you will be billed directly by the vendor for the cost of the exam.

If you ordered an exam for you client prior to submitting the application, please be sure to get this information to your case manager to avoid any complications with the application process. Completing the two steps below will make this process less stressful and help us if there is a problem with receiving the exam results.

  • Let the vendor know to send the exam to CPS. Don\’t have it sent directly to the carrier. Remember there is no corresponding application with the carrier at this time.
  • Include a cover letter with the application stating the exam has already been ordered. Letting us know you have ordered the exam yourself and which vendor you ordered it from, will allow us to connect the paperwork together for you.

Any issues or questions in this regard, please contact your CPS Case Manager:

What is the exam? What should I be prepared for? Are they going to take blood? We\’re sure you\’ve heard all the questions before about what to expect during the exam, here are a few resources you can share with your clients to help put their minds at ease about the medical exams.

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