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Contracting / Commissions Resource Page

Contracting & Commissions Resource Page

Hello, Marketers & Case Managers! This page will serve as a resource page to make sure we\’re all on the same page with contracting brokers at the correct levels and avoid compensation errors.

Here are some guidelines on working together:

  • All new contracting requests will require written compensation advice from the marketer.
  • If you want to pay an override on any 1 particular case, please email your case manager and specify: Broker to receive override, Policy #, Insured, % override, and total % to be paid on that case.
  • If you want to contract your broker at street level as per the current total points sheet, email your request to your case manager, who will file your advice in Smart Office in the Agent\’s SmartPad. Case manager will complete the request for contracting.
  • If you want to contract your broker at a schedule other than street level, you must specify exactly which schedule you would like to use. Email your case manager with the broker request and the specific schedule name and she will complete the contracting request and file your advice in the Agent\’s SmartPad.
  • If you want to contract your broker at a level that cannot be accommodated with a standard comp schedule, you must fill out 2 forms: First, complete the CPS Accounting New Account Form. Next you\’ll want to fill out the Custom Schedule Form. Once these forms are complete, email them to your case manager and she will file the documents in Smart Office and send out for processing with CPS Newport Accounting.

If you have any questions, please contact Kou in our office for assistance.