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SureLC Contracting

CPS Horizon Financial offers an industry-leading online contracting system from SureLC designed to make submitting carrier contracts easier, faster and more accurate. For the beginning stages of the appointment process we ask agents to complete the agent appointment packet (SureLC packet), this only has to be completed one time at this point. This helps us enter your information into the NIPR/SureLC database to get you contracted with a carrier as you write new business. SureLC, along with their integration with the NIPR database, will maintain an up-to-date status of your licensing and contracted carrier partners.

It is important to note that this should not be confused with appointments with all the carriers we work with in one step. This packet will serve as a primary resource for gaining various carrier appointments as you continue to write new business with the different providers.

We have provided the packet we use to register you with SureLC and our instructions for completion below. This should take less than 10 minutes for you to complete and email back to us.

SureLC Packet
Application Instructions

If you encounter any problems, or have questions, please contact Jenny in our office.

Urgent Updates for Annuities

Most states require that agents complete product specific training prior to dating any annuity application. Additional states are added on a frequent basis. Please see the vendor link below for an up-to-date list of states that require product training.

Note: There are 5 carriers that require training in all states: American Equity, Fidelity & Guarantee, ING USA, Lafayette Life and North American.

State Requirements

Urgent Updates For Long Term Care

If you are going to be selling long term care insurance or long term care insurance riders you must have certain continuing education requirements met. This varies by state. Most common is an initial 8 hours of long term care training with a 4 hour additional refresher every 2 years. Check with your state commissioner as to requirements or call our office at 414-427-8660.