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    Check out this brief video to get an introduction to CPS Horizon! Just click on the picture to begin!
  • Horizon Financial Insurance Mobile App

    Download the free Horizon Financial Insurance app to gain access to our industry leading software! This app allows you to quote, start an application, and gain any relevant information on the go!
  • Life Insurance

    More than 30 top rated life insurers and decades of experience puts the right answers into our advisors hands.
  • Long Term Care Insurance

    By not allocating some of your retirement portfolio for LTC, you allocate ALL of it. Create great solutions with our LTC & hybrid products.
  • Disability Insurance

    Protect your clients most valuable asset: the ability to earn income. Rely on us for the best products and solutions.
  • Annuities

    Creative, unbiased safe money strategies utilizing over 30 top rated carriers keeps our advisors in front of the competition.

At CPS Horizon, every decision is driven by the deep-rooted desire to make a positive difference for both advisors and their customers.

Our energetic team of seasoned professionals bring respect, integrity, and caring to every transaction; they understand they are overseeing more than just the Insurance sales process – they are stewarding each client’s goals and dreams. While no two clients or cases are ever the same, at CPS Horizon all are equally important.

Apps & Forms

Access new business and policy holder services forms organized by carrier, state of issuance and product type.


Streamlined application options to save you valuable time. Select from iGo, drop-ticket, fully underwritten, simplified and accelerated underwriting platforms.

My Cases - DataView

Real-time visibility on the status of your cases. View pending case data, licensing, contracting and commission data and display the full book of submitted and placed business.  (this feature is coming December 2019)


Everything you need to know about the contracting process including: basic contracting requirements, how to get contracted, and downloadable contracting kit for new and existing CPS producers.


Quote all of your favorite insurance products with a click of the mouse using Vital Suite and WinFlex Web online quoting solutions. In seconds receive a response from top carriers.


The expertise of our staff of underwriters, our established relationships with many of the industry’s top impaired risk carriers, and our substantial production levels assure you the best offer.

Core Lines of Business


We are on top of the industry, supplying not only a comprehensive, diverse portfolio of annuities but also the best in market support services. 


We offer a wide range of disability income products, and we understand the complexities of this specialized segment.


We have a passion for sound long-term financial planning. We continuously research and evaluate the best products the industry provides. We help you offer your clients options to suit their needs.


We constantly analyze trends in the industry to provide you and your clients with the most innovative and complete services available.