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Short Term Care

As you know, we are big believers in long term care insurance. You also recognize the importance of having a plan for long term care and have been discussing it with your clients. We appreciate your faith in us in providing you quotes. Long term care insurance is not an easy product to obtain and I fear it will remain difficult in the future. Thanks to COVID, some carriers are increasing the cost to obtain new coverage, underwriting has gotten tighter and perhaps you’ve had some clients declined or receive offers not as good as we hoped.

Because of this, we are now offering short term care insurance.



  • Provides cash for up to a year of home health care services
  • Provides cash for up to 360 days of nursing facility care
  • Has easier underwriting- 98% of applications submitted are approved
  • Issue ages up to age 89
  • Little fear of a future rate increase


Who should consider short term care insurance?

  • Someone who has been declined or did not receive a good offer for long term care insurance
  • Is looking for a cheaper alternative to long term care insurance
  • Is too old (75+) for long term care insurance
  • Has enough money to pay out of pocket for LTC services but wants a buffer plan that can provide professional care, reduce stress and provide time for portfolio reconfiguration .


Here are some helpful links to further your knowledge on short term care!